All the Do’s and Don’ts About Selling Gold for Cash

 You must have definitely seen those advertisements which say – cash for old gold jewelry. The reason why these adds are so famous and common is, it is just practical to sell old jewelry for cash instead of keeping it stored somewhere with no intention of wearing it ever.


Now, there are many smart and not so smart ways of acquiring cash for gold. Luckily, we have done all the research for you, and listed all the important tips about selling gold below. So, just keep on reading to know the important do’s and don’ts of the trade. 


Things you must and mustn’t do while selling old gold


Do not sell to anyone except jewelry stores: There are many options when it comes to selling old gold jewelry. In fact, you can even look for buyers online and do the transaction with ease. However, it is highly recommended that you deal with jewelry stores instead of pawn shops or outfits that buy gold. Here are a few reasons to consider…


·       Jewelry stores offer better value for your jewelry, because they are not intending to undercut you.

·       Jewelry stores intend to maintain their reputation, and thus don’t do bad business.

·       Jewelry stores from where you have purchased before know you, and even knows the quality and value of your jewelry.

Do enough research: Just like you research from where you are getting a better price while buying jewelry, do the same before selling too. Go through a few stores and talk to the managers about your requirement.

Don’t be clueless about your holdings: Try to figure out what you have in your collection, i.e. how much gold, silver, diamond, and precious stones you have. Try to remember the worth or gather bills of the jewelry you have. Divide your jewelry as per their karats, and if you need take help from jewelers. If you know what you have, you will never be conned while selling.

Do get quotes: Once you have separated the jewelry pieces that you intend to sell, simply take them to a few different stores and get quotes. It is extremely important to compare prices, as it may vary a lot from store to store, and of course you want the best price there is.

Lastly, before making the sale, make sure to clean and polish your jewelry well. Make is as presentable as possible, and you never know, it can fetch you a better price.


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