Can Yoga Teaching Be Your Long Term Career?

“Yoga means addition – addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.”

–Amit Ray

Yoga is a very popular meditation technique. Yoga is a relaxing exercise which includes different meditation techniques which is based around finding pure balance of mine through posture, breathing and stretching. Yoga Teachers role is to instruct their students in the art of Yoga to increase their fitness, personal and mental health, in both mind and body.

Yoga teachers are a great addition to the fitness world as well being a great way to relieve stress and reach high levels of relaxation.  But can you actually make a proper living being a Yoga Teacher? Of course it can, but first you need to make your way through the huge world of fitness, is it a challenging leap of faith to peruse Yoga as a career, but it’s totally worth it!

Here are the basic steps to make to make peruse Yoga as a career:

  1. Practice More Often

Developing a regular practice can make you decide whether you’re dedicated to Yoga or not. Yoga Teaching is not only a career to occupy, it needs passion with a lot of exercise. The idea or developing a regular practice (at least 3 times a week) will certainly show if this job is your intimate passion and a possible long-term career path or just a hobby you like to do in your free time. If you started enrolling deeply in the world of Yoga, and you get 100% connected then this is definitely the right career path you should take. Successful Yoga Teachers resemble a serious holy idol for most students, the more you practice the more committed you’ll appear to your students.

  • Yoga Teachers are considered spiritual personalities. Showing your students a high level of commitment. Being deeply connected and passionate about Yoga is a must in building a solid great reputation in the world of Yoga Fitness Fields.
  1. Sign-up for Certified Yoga Teacher Training

Certified Yoga Teacher Training gives you more power. Signing up for a teacher training is not a must in the world of Yoga, but it would certainly give you a boost in your Yoga career path. Passion might be a strongest drive in such fields, but if you look at it for the long term future run, then holding such training certificate would be an extra star for your reputation on the upcoming years. Now days, holding a Yoga Alliance Certification have become sort of baseline requirements for most studios. You won’t lose anything if you sign up for a teacher training, it’s not only for sake of studios you want to join, but it’s a great experiment for yourself as well. It would surely give you a push when it comes to Yoga studios employers.

  • If you hold a Yoga Alliance Certification, go through famous online job websites like Joblang and apply for Yoga Teacher jobs near you to enroll in today!
  1. Start Giving Daily Classes

Yoga Teachers will not make you rich. Most studios pays around 5$ up to 75$ per class, which can make you earn medium income, it would be around 35,000$ per year. For some, this number doesn’t make a decent living or cover their monthly or yearly expenses and responsibilities, others would accept working as a Yoga Teacher because it allows them to live untamed to a ling working office hours and they can also create their own work schedule depending on their availability. The best way to make a decent living out of Yoga Teaching is to give private Yoga Classes after studio class’s schedule. It would surely make a difference and your earning would be satisfying. If you love Yoga and you decided on making it your basic career path then you’ll adjust to medium pay average. It’s simple, the more you teach the more you earn!

  • It might be hard at the beginning gaining such low earnings, but if you excel your Yoga field and master building up a great solid reputation then you’ll be called specifically by name, and some studios would even contact you for making classes in their locations.
  • Check studios near you and start teaching daily classes, if you’re having a hard time searching for a Yoga Teacher Job, check Joblang; it offers many different Yoga Teaching opportunities with pleasant benefits.
  1. Offer Private Classes

It’s your time to shine! After giving regular Yoga teaching classes to groups in studios, now it’s your opportunity to capitalize on the exposure. The main thing you need to do now is to professionally promote and constantly be marketing your private classes. The big benefit of giving teaching one-on-one classes is that you can actually make from 100$ to 150$ an hour or more. Can you see the difference? That’s why giving too many classes in popular studios are a great tool in making your own business. Making your name familiar in the market is the basic key role in surviving on your own!

  • Do not be shy in offering your private teaching classes; it’s the same process of selling a product, your selling your services in a nice cliché method!
  • You should always stay up-to-date to famous job opportunities platforms, offers great opportunities, check their offers and pick what perfectly suits you!
  1. Build your own Niche

What’s your best feature? Building a big name for yourself in Yoga teaching is a great start, but you should boost it up in being known for something special, a special method of training or even a unique style in teaching. The best Yoga teachers around the world have their own Niches; some of them are specialized in Emotional Yoga and others integrates dance in their styles. You need to build your own style which will make you superior among other Yoga teachers, be known for something extraordinary, customers and students will join your classes depending on the style you offer, it simply attracts people. Building your own niche is important, because if you offer what every other Yoga Teacher offers then you can easily be replaced. Make you students attached to your special technique and atmosphere, outstand their expectations before winning their pockets!

  • It’s not hard to find our own niche, after mastering the basic Yoga Teaching methods, add your magical final touch and get ready to earn high incomes!

Do you still think it’s impossible to turn your Yoga passion into a career? Well, it doesn’t seem so. If you have a great amount of passion with will then you can achieve this goal easily. Of course nothing comes easily, you need to work hard, practice regularly and craft your own name in the market. You will need a great motivation besides believing in your powers, taking such step requires a strong personality among special Yoga skills. You don’t have to worry if you passion for Yoga is endless. Maybe one day you’ll look back and see how far you achieved. Teaching Yoga means offering mental and body health and comfort. It doesn’t get any better in being a teacher of balance, meditation and happy spirits.

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