Coolest Road Trips in India to Beat the Summer Heat

It might seem impossible to go on a road trip in the summer heat. However, if you own a vehicle and if the countryside is your calling, there is no reason not to go on a road trip in India. Beat the summer heat with the coolest road trips in the country.

1.Shimla to Manali

When it comes to choosing a destination to beat the summer heat, Shimla is always at the top. The road trip from Shimla to Manali through Mandi is a stunning route that would keep you immersed in nature’s beauty. It will take about five to six hours to cover the stretch of 250 km. Nothing beats the summer heat like the pleasant Himachal weather.

  1. Gangtok to Lake Tsomgo and Nathu La Pass 

This is only a 56-km stretch. It is also one of the coolest road trips of Northeast India.This road trip has some breathtaking sights on the road, as well as, over mountain ranges. It will ensure that you escape the summer heat. Take a trip from Gangtok to Nathu La Pass with Lake Tsomgo falling on the way.

  1. Bangalore to Bandipur

If given an opportunity, you should surely go for this road trip. The route from Bangalore to Bandipur is spectacular with some of the most stunning sights. You can also take the same road to Ooty from Mysore and pass through the Bandipur National Park. The road trip isabout 220 km and takes around four to five hours.

  1. Mumbai to Goa

This is the ‘Father of all Indian road trips’. Start from Mumbai and drive towards the land of sun, sea, and parties. This is a gorgeous road trip. The route is very smooth to drive on and it takes about 12 hours to reach Goa.

  1. Delhi to Shimla 

Escape the heat in Delhi and head to the beautiful destination of Shimla. Nothing beats the beauty of the hills on this road trip. You will be able to see the Himalayas, as you move closer to Shimla, and the chilly winds will make for an experience of a lifetime. It may take up to seven hours to reach Shimla from Delhi.

  1. Shillong to Cherrapunji 

This is a small stretch, which has a lot to offer. The 53-km stretch will give you a beautiful view of the waterfalls, villages, and the caves. There are a number of stops for food on the way. It will only take two hours for you to cover the stretch.

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