Planning a Cracking New Year’s Party without Splashing the Cash

There is a lot of pressure on those of us planning to host a New Year’s Eve party. It is only natural that you put a lot of effort, thought and planning in to the big night, as your family and friends will be using the night to unwind, have fun, be merry, look back on the year just gone and celebrate the hope and possibilities of the year ahead. If you are living on a budget however, it can be difficult to get into the mindset, and really easy to worry about escalating costs and not putting on a great show for your guests. How do you plan a cracking New Year’ Eve party without splashing the cash and seriously eating in to your monthly budget?

The first thing to do is to plan ahead. Throughout the year, take a look at discount prices and bulk sales of items that will be useful to host a big party. If you have the storage space this could mean you buy in advance plenty of drink (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and snacks that are not perishable. Non-perishable items can be stored carefully and bought at times that make the most financial sense. That way you are not worrying about the cost of one big hit in the couple of weeks before New Year’s Eve.

Another thing that you can do for cheap (actually for free in many cases) is to create a soundtrack for the night. Become DJ and create the perfect New Year’s Eve playlist on Spotify, Apple Music, or take the plunge and play DJ live during the night if you wish, utilising your CD and/or vinyl collection. That way you can choose the songs that you know get your friends up on the dance floor, and the slow songs that can get people close for a smooch when it gets closer to midnight. By creating a soundtrack you have plenty of control over the mood of the party, without having to spend any money at all.

When it comes to food and drink you have a few options open to you to lessen the financial burden. Buy in advance on party snacks and certain food items (in a similar way to the aforementioned drinks purchases), or ask your guests to bring a small plate each to add a competitive element to proceedings and to spread the burden of the cooking. One big, centrepiece of a meal can help to bring the crowd together as one in a way that is joyful, but be careful and choose food that can be cooked easily, slowly and in bulk, like a chilli, a Bolognese or a curry.

The entertainment and games you choose to employ at a New Year’s Eve party is also crucial to how much fun you have and how much money is spent. Charades is free to play, and you can also utilise games that you and others have been given for Christmas. Other than that, just look to relax and enjoy your night. Your friends and family will appreciate the effort that has gone in to hosting a New Year’s Eve party, and you can host a cracking shindig without splashing the cash.

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