Working With A Customs Broker For The First Time? Check These Pointers!

International and cross-border trade is subject to diverse rules and regulations. Canada is extremely strict with these compliance needs, and as an importer, you must keep up with the changes and have to pay the necessary duties and tariffs. Working with a Customs broker just simplifies the process. You allow them to act as your agents, and they will ensure that all the documentation and paperwork is done right and submitted to Canada Border Services Agency for clearance. Services like Clearit Canada have been in business in for the longest time, but when you are working with a broker for the first time, it is necessary to start with some initial research. In this post, we are discussing further on the pointers you need to check.

Find more on the process

Before we start, please note that all Customs brokers in Canada are supposed to obtain their license from Canada Border Services Agency. As a client, you need to find more on how things work with a Customs broker. Many brokerage services now have their websites, so you can complete a considerable part of the process online. Just share the details of your shipment, and they can do the rest.

Reputation counts

Eventually, the reputation and experience of a Customs broker are aspects you cannot afford to ignore. Credibility is an important factor in the long run, because you will need the broker time and again. They should approach every situation as a problem-solver and must have a team of well-experienced agents. As a new client, you can always ask for references, and it is also a good idea to check testimonials of other clients online.

Means of communication

Will the Customs broker work beyond the working hours? Believe it or not, it is one of the foremost aspects that need attention. You want to find a company that’s experienced enough and is also accessible around the clock to answer your questions. They must put you across a real agent when needed and should be able handle all kinds of problems thrown at them.

In conclusion

It is also necessary to consider the costs involved in hiring a Customs broker. Find more on how they work with businesses for consultation needs, and don’t shy away from asking about aspects and risks that may concern your business in particular. Check online now and shortlist some of the best-rated services in Canada.

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